Christmas came a little bit early for ya boy this year. Thanks to my old friend and friend of the website and sometimes contributor, CJ. I never been one of those guys who strolls into a Goodwill and walks out with several hundred dollars worth of vintage military uniforms for a few dollars but CJ is. My friend brought me several unifoms he got in a goodwill and one of the pieces is this MINTY US M1943 field jacket. This is the jacket worn by the US Army. Not widespread until late 1944, the M43 jacket( and uniform) is what you would have seen worn in the winter and fall of 44-45. An example would be in the series Band Of Brothers, the M43 jacket is what you see them wearing for operation market garden and after.

The M43 was replaces by the M1951 which is nearly identical except it is a zip up front instead of all button. The M51 was then replaces by the apparently immortal M65 field jacket. A classic for sure that never will lose its cool factor . As long as its the OD green version.

The M43 above must have been owned by a career soldier who used it into the time the M51 and M65 was issued. The black and gold US ARMY name tape came along later and the owner sewed it on the older jacket.

If you guys like this sort of thing let me know and I will post pictures of my M51 and M65 field jackets and talk a bit about those.

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