The M-51 field jacket was the replacement for the M43 jacket we talked about last time. The M51 looks nearly identical from a distance except for the OG107 OD green shade. On a closer look you see the differences.

Unlike the all button M43, the M51 has a zipper front and metal snap to close it up. It also has a button in liner. The m43 liner was a separate garment worn under the coat. I have a second unissued M1951 jacket with liner but I won’t be getting it out of its vacuum sealed plastic storage bag. Sorry about that.

Like the WW2 coat, it did keep the button cuffs.

The inside tag gives the specs on the jacket.

The jacket was well liked and used even after the M65 was issued. We will talk about the M65 in a few days. The collar and thinner waist line came a much more sharper military appearance than the M65 so it was used after its replacement came out. Older career soldiers and officers preferred the look of the well starched and fitted M-51 over the M-65 and its mandarin collar.

To give you an idea of what the uniform of the time was, below are a couple of shirts. First is the OG107 shirt from the Vietnam war era of the issue of the uniform. This version is a heavier cotton version than the later “durapress” version from the late 70s and 80s.

A wool cold weather uniform was also issued at this time.

After we finish talking about the field jackets, I will post more of each uniform and the Jungle uniforms used in Vietnam during this time if you guys want.

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