What a neat idea that didn’t pan out. The 7.62 SLAP round was developed my the USMC and made by Winchester Cartridge Company to be a better AP round. The 7.62mm M948 round uses a 55 grain tungsten .22 core in a 30 caliber sabot for a round that breaks 4,000 I have heard.

above is a mix of the ball and tracer versions

The ammo was used in the first gulf war and scrubbed not long after. Turns out the sabot would come apart and the core would blast out the side of M60 barrels. Reportedly, it is not safe to use with any barrel that has a muzzle device of any kind. I got this bunch from Brady a couple weeks ago and have been selling it off.

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  1. it's just Boris says:

    Bummer. I can see muzzle devices being problematic – and suppressors would likely be a very bad idea too. But I have to wonder whether some additional time back in the lab, with some feedback from the field, would have been able to fix the core problem.


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