This excellent guide is from nmxdavenn from over at B-ARFCOM

I thought I would do a quick tutorial on how to reload your own ammunition.

People say it’s hard, and you have to “know what your doing” and that’s complete fudd BS.

It’s easy, and they want to keep the secret to themselves.

So, I present, how to reload your own ammo.

First we are going to need some brass.

Head to your range and find someone that’s shooting, wait for them to get a few shots off then run up and take it off the ground. Make sure and be quick.

Ok. We have our brass. There are some numbers and letters on the bottom. Those don’t really mean anything.

You will see all this shit about “brass prep” online. Again, all just there to confuse you. You just saw that guy shoot it, it’s fine obviously.

Next you will need to prime it. Grab your primer and your hammer and head to your vise. Again, there are a lot of different kinds for no real reason.

Ok. Now we are ready to rock.

Next, you need a chamfer tool. This helps ready the case to take the bullet. You only need to do this lightly. Reloading is about being gentle in all you do

That looks great.

Next up is powder. POWDER IS POWDER. People making a bid deal about what powder you use are just trying to confuse you. Take your case and fill it up.


Next is seating the bullet. You want the heaviest bullets you can find. They do better at the long distances you will be shooting.

And done! Really to get out there and hit the 1000 yard range!


  1. LSWCHP says:

    I read the bit about “Knowing what you’re doing being Fudd bullshit”, and I was going to…errmmm…respectfully disagree. Then I read on and realised it was a pisstake. Whew…

    I used to know a bloke in his late 60s, Vietnam vet, lifelong shooter, known nationwide in the Australian gun community. The range I shoot at is named after him. About eight years ago, he was burned alive in his reloading shed. The neighbours said they could hear him shrieking but couldn’t do anything due to the heat and the ammo cooking off.

    When it comes to handling energetic materials, you really do need to know what you’re doing


  2. it's just Boris says:

    Thanks, I needed this today.


  3. ptmn says:

    I wonder if this BARFCOM reloading guide purposely left out a step. After pouring powder in the case, pouring some CLP into the gun powder until its a saturated slurry of 50% ball powder and 50% oil might automatically clean, lubricate and protect the bore and chamber when fired.


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