Boy, it’s been a bit since I updated about the yearly sqwack hunt.

I went yesterday evening and hit the 40 mark.

It was a nice no humidity 79 degrees yesterday, so I went a bit earlier than I normally do. Heading out at 300PM. Turned out to be a good decision. I killed 2 within 15 minutes. Then a third one about 10 minutes later. The first one I shot from a distance that no one has any business shooting at game with a shotgun from. I didn’t realize how far it was until I walked out and got it.

The leaves are changing and I think I am going to have to give up the Vietnam tigerstripe for the season pretty soon. The gun is the Remington Model31L Brady gave me last year. In 16 gauge of course. I have used it all season and it hasn’t failed me. The Model 31 is the finest sporting shotgun ever made. The aluminum receiver and 24 inch barrel make it feel like carrying a stick or a toy gun. It’s just a pleasure to hunt with.

As I was leaving the mountain, I set for a while to watch some hickory trees that always ripen late in the season and got the fourth one of the day which made 40 for the year.

On a whim I turned on my phone’s step counter. I walked 11,259 steps and climbed in elevation the equivalent of 28 stories while hunting. I had no idea I walked that much while hunting in just 2.5 hours.


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