1. Rocketguy says:

    Yesterday, I had a guy trying to convince me that the jab was a wonderful thing based on a long list of appeals to authority. I let him get it out of his system then pointed to the first “female” 4-star admiral and pointed out that all those experts also claim that he is a she.


  2. John M. says:

    Two legit LOLs this week.


  3. James says:

    I despise Baldwin as much as the next sane person but really seems the set armorer may have failed at their job if this was a live round or something else weird going on.

    That said,Baldwins gun has killed more people then all of mine have,weird to say the least.


    1. Shawn says:

      When someone hands you a gun, no matter who they are, and you don’t personally check it yourself, you are equally at fault when something bad happens


      1. James says:

        Shawn,while I agree that is with normal/sane folks who handle guns for a living/for hunting/sport/self defense ect.

        On a set with liberals(why are they using guns in movies when they despise them)you cannot nor should expect any sort of firearm smarts,that is why they have the armorer.


  4. Wild, wild west says:

    There’s recent video of somebody handing a single-action Colt to Clint Eastwood and he immediately flips open the loading gate and rotates the cylinder to ensure the gun was empty. Pretty much that says it all right there.


  5. LSWCHP says:

    That Levine dude is truly a symbol of everything that’s wrong with the Biden regime.


    1. John Dole says:

      That’s enough of your anti-semitism. You know better than to criticize jews like Richard Levine and the Pritzkers who push transgender stuff.


  6. Billdo says:

    To the last picture: WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING!?!?!?!


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