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31 Days Of Horror returns at Last Movie Outpost as our Halloween countdown continues. Not long to go now! Today we bring you X: The Man With The X-Ray Eyes.

X: The Man With X-ray Eyes is one of those high-quality films that managed to slip out of the Roger Corman factory of cheap crap. It hits a level of genuine creepy that is rarely achieved by Corman.

Dr. James Xavier is a good man and a good Doctor. He has been researching a way to enhance human vision to help get a more accurate diagnosis for the sick. He and his friend come up with eyedrops that let the human eye see in X and ultraviolet. When giving the eyedrops to monkeys, the animals see something that scares them to death. Not put off by this terrifying prospect, Dr. X decides to test them on himself.


It’s not long before he can see through clothes and even saves a young girl from malpractice. In a series of unfortunate actions, he accidentally kills his friend and fellow Doctor. Knowing how it’s going to look, he goes on the run while continuing his use of the eye drops.  He continues long past the time anyone with sense would have stopped. Every now and again he sees things beyond the visible reality. Things that are looking back. Things that don’t like being seen.


The ending of the movie is one of the best and most striking endings of any horror movie you will ever see. The movie starts off in a light-hearted tone and gets darker from there, ramping up the unease. Every time we see Doctor X’s eyes after he removes the dark glasses he wears, we see something getting worse. Ray Milland does a great job selling us on the intense strain the Doctor is feeling, and you can tell something big is building.

This movie is an October must-see.

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