Our pal Luis Valdes has some nostalgia for us today.

My $200 beater Colt MKIV Series 80 Government Model and S&W Model 645 along with an ancient stash of Magsafe Ammo’s 92gr +P+ “Agent Load”.

Anyone remember this stuff? It has been sitting in my ammo cans since I was shooting a Nintendo Zapper.

My Father picked it up for his tricked out Colt MKIV back in the day, along with 9mm KTW for his Betetta 92SB and Glaser Safety Slugs for his S&W Model 64 Snubnose.

His is much better looking than my Colt.



  1. D.E. Watters says:

    Zambone apparently took factory JHP projectiles, and then melted the lead cores out. Afterwards, he added the birdshot and epoxy to each of the now empty jackets.


  2. ptmn says:

    I remember when the Magsafe and Glaser Safety slugs were all the rage. They used to be prominently displayed on the counters of every gun shop. Pretty expensive stuff.

    I definitely wouldn’t want to get shot with either of those rounds. Come to think of it, I don’t want to be shot with any round, even if its a BB gun.


    1. Rocketguy says:

      Heh – I have a BB in my calf from a long ago BB gun fight with my brother and some buddies. Hurt quite a bit. Do not recommend.


    2. Shawn says:

      THey were a big deal back in the day. like winchester silver tips and hydra shocks


  3. I still have a few cards on that in my stash. I think my Dad bought it back in the 70’s?


  4. Paulden Prince says:

    Yeah, I used to be a big Glaser Safety Slug fan “back in the day”. Last year I came across two fully loaded CZ-75 mags stuffed with 9MM Glasers. They’d been loaded for about 30 years and the springs had almost totally lost their tension-you could tip the mag and pour half of them out. I recall when I was PCSing from Germany I had some handguns I purchased from the Nuremberg Rod & Gun Club and had em’ checked baggage. Now I’d brought a bunch of Glaser over to Germany at the beginning of my tour also in checked baggage. So, the German Polizei guy at the security checkpoint wants to match my orders that had my guns listed on them with the guns in my bag. No big deal. Turns out he was a gun guy and when he saw those Glasers his eyes pooped outa his head like one of those cartoon characters. I guess they were verboten in the FRG and he breathlessly asked if he could have just one, “Yeah-sure.” He was a happy camper.


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