Some old ads  for some of the awesome toy guns from when we were younger and the country was more free.  I have no idea how many plastic green toy M16A1s and plastic cap grenades  I went through as a kid.  Then I moved on to pellet and BB guns.  My first real gun was a WW1 1911 Colt at age 9. But obviously the toys got more time on the range killing commies for Ronald Regan in the early to mid 1980s.

I always asked for the toy guns that looked the most real.  I had a full auto Uzi water gun that would pass as real today. I also had a cap gun MP5SD and a very realistic AK47, the type with the gear in the trigger that made a some what shooting sound and many of the real wood and metal  bolt action “springfield ” 1903 and M14 toys. I even had a few of the cast iron dummy grenades to play with.  I was the best armed kid in the hollow for sure.

I always liked the one above because it kinda looked like the laser rifles used by the GI Joe’s in the cartoon and comic books.

Above, for the kid who wanted to be able to down a commie Mig.


  1. Wild, wild west says:

    I had a Marx cap gun that looked almost exactly like a Colt Detective Special, same size and everything. It was close enough to real looking that if you pointed it at a cop today, he’d have cause to cancel your ticket for it. Mother had a ’51 Chevy, the back seat of which was pretty much mine and I was allowed to keep whatever back there that would keep me out of her hair.
    One day I nearly gave some gray haired old lady driving an Oldsmobile that had to be 30 feet long a heart attack. I was hanging out the window waving that toy gun at her and she took it seriously.

    Mother was not amused, and Father less so when he got home and heard about it. The Marx was broken up soon after. It was my first education as to the evils of gun control, confiscation and decommissioning.


    1. John M. says:

      Sounds like your backside probably got a DEWATTing over that one too. LOL.


  2. Sabre22 says:

    What no of the Johnny Eagle Guns? LOL Does anybody else remember the Pistols with the plastic caps that were a lot louder than the paper caps?


  3. ptmn says:

    I had something like that Mattel Marauder M16 when I was a kid. My Uncle gave it to me for Christmas. I used to love that toy, but it made a lot of noise (which is why I loved it). Toys like that used to be perfectly acceptable in just about the entire country. Now days, in blue states, toys like that would cause the liberal hippies to have a panic attack. My A-Hole older brother swung a hammer at it and broke my Mattel Marauder one day.

    To this day, I can’t stand my brother and refuse to speak to him. Not because of that hammer incident, it’s because he’s one of those irresponsible leeches that blame every shortcoming in his life on other people, namely me. 54 years old and still lives with and is supported by our mother…and he says I am irresponsible?

    It’s too bad he didn’t play with and fall in love with toys like you have posted. Maybe if he had, he would have enlisted in the military, where they would have instilled some discipline in him. The drill sergeants would have had a field day with that loser, it would have been a scene out of Full Metal Jacket and Private Pyle.

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    1. Shawn says:

      I know what you’re saying about shithead family members


  4. LSWCHP says:

    You guys had the best toy guns. Now it’s the same with the real ones. Sigh.


    1. Shawn says:

      Now is a perfect time for you to immigrate to the US.


  5. TC says:

    I had am M16 Marauder too, even though we lived in NYC. I had a hippie say something about it one day, so I jacked the charging handle to the rear and did a pretend mag dump to his face.

    He looked like he was trying to pass a pineapple.


    1. Rocketguy says:

      …trying to pass a pineapple.

      LOL – I’m stealing that.


  6. Had them all, was a great time to be a kid. Now not so much. I also had a M-2 on a tripod I won at a local theatre raffle. Was one of my all time favorites.


  7. John Bremer says:

    I had mostly Hubley 45’s both cowboy and 1911 style. I still have a Mattel “Fanner” pistol , a matching shootin’ shell derringer, and a fair replica of an 1860 Army revolver. I don’t know what happened to my M1A1 Thompson that could be broken down to a broom-handle looking pistol. I always admired a Smith & Wesson looking top break revolver that the neighbor boy had and pretty slick 1873 lever action copy that came on the market about the time my folks said I should be out-growing such things.


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