This display of Colt AR-15’s was at the Colt Collectors Association convention in St. Louis in 2017.


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  1. ptmn says:

    Very cool display. I once took my wife to the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose. Went through the entire tour of Sarah Manchester’s quirky house, which was fun.

    But the real fun was after the tour. We sat in the small outdoor food court to grab a bite to eat and I noticed they had a firearms museum. Stepped inside and talk about a display of firearms evolution, this was a pretty extensive display of Winchester rifles.

    I pissed off my wife when I told her we wasted money, we should have skipped the house tour and just gone to the firearms museum.

    That was years ago and it is the liberal haven of the San Francisco Bay Area, so I wonder if the firearms museum is still there or if the anti -gun democrats pressured them to remove an essential part of United States history.

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