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As many have succumb to the religion of the 6.5 Creedmoor, I too have found the magic in the cartridge.  

A friend of mine wanted to get into long range shooting and had shot my LR308 and fell in love with it.   He wanted to put one together and I suggested that he build one in 6.5 Jesusmoor, as it was considered superior in every way to the antiquated 308 Winchester.

He decided I must know what I’m t as king about and agreed, but said I had to build one too.   So we did just that… 2019.

I reload, and quickly bought as many components for the 6.5 as my budget would allow.   He does not..  We bought factory ammo too, but then the pandemic hit and ammo disappeared from the shelves.   It shows up from time to time ally, but you have to be Jonny on the spot at 1pm Thursdays,  or you probably won’t get any.  

What is on the shelf….  308, 308, more 308, and just incase you missed it, 7.62×51.  This has become a little joke between us.    

This brings me to today.   It was a gorgeous day in N. WY, with 60F, and a little breeze of 25-35mph.   I wanted to go shoot, and with the amount of 308 match ammo I have loaded up and stacked deep, the LR308 in 308 got the nod from me.   I won’t feel guilty blowing through 40rds in high winds, just for my enjoyment.

My LR308 in 6.5 Creedmoore stayed in the safe.  
6.5 on the left, 308 on the right.

Normally, with the winds today, I would have brought the 6.5.   There is a huge difference in wind drift between the two.   Today the winds were from the 6’oclock-7 o’clock at anywhere from 15-35mph at times.  

Although these two rifles look very similar,  the optic set ups are very different.

The 308 wears a Zeiss 5x-25x with a Z1000 BDC reticle.    I know may look down at such heathen choices, and I often question if I need to upgrade the optic……then I shoot it again and realized why I have it set up that way.

The Zeiss is only a 1″ tube, and a 2nd Focal plane optic.   The BDC is only accurate at 25x.   The horror!   What Zeiss did do right is make the center of the reticle 575yrds.  What that means is, that never changes, no matter what power the optic is set at.  Cool thing is, at 5x, the full horizontal line, is dead on for the 308 at 100yrds.  At 10x, it becomes a 300yrd zero, at 15x it is a 400yrd zero.   Pretty cool thing and it took me a while to realize this.

This optic makes quick shots easy at ranges all the way from 100yrds out to 1000yrds.    The dots are 2.5mph wind dots, and the line is 10mph wind holds.

Today at 950yrds, I needed a 15mph hold for the wind from 7oclock at about 25mph.  

I realized again how much fun this combo was to shoot.   Smacking 18″ gongs from 100 to 950yrds, never adjusting the optic, just finding the target and squeeze the JP trigger for that gratifying ringing of steel.

Some interesting tidbits of shooting in winds from your 6 and 12 o’clock in 7neven terrain.   Our range is dished.   It drops elevation out to about 400yrds, then rises out to a hilltop at 950.   My son taught me that wind is like water and flows according to the terrain.  From our 12, the winds come up over the hill and flow down.  Often, it will push the bullet down way more than you would guess.  Shots falling short at 950 happen a lot on our range when the wind is coming from the 12oclock.   When it let’s up, your rounds fly high.  It can be frustrating.  

Even the venerable Jeasusmoor falls prey to this effect, just not as much.  From the 6oclock, like today, shots end up high the further out the range, as the  rises, and the wind flows uphill, providing lift and less drop to the bullet.

My 6.5 has a Vortex Viper 5-25x with the 7C reticle.     It is very precise and once you have your dope, it is stunningly accurate.   Dial or hold, and the round head to the target with almost magical perfection.

It is a very different set up than my 308, but as I said earlier, they each have their place, and with ammo availability today, Im very glad I have the option of both. Both rifles are extremely accurate.  In calm winds I’m not sure either would outshine the other.

With the 6.5, I probably would have found my wind hold with fewer shots at 950, and not missed with the last round in my mag.
The target at 950 was 20Lx10T”.   I had a nice string of 6 hits in a row going…..till the last shot.
Hornady 140gr ELD Match in 6.5,  and Hornady 168gr HPBT Match in the 308.  


  1. Rocketguy says:

    One of my buddies recommends starting long range with the 308 so you can develop the skills with a handicap and appreciate the magic when you switch to one of the better rounds.


    1. John M. says:

      Spending less on ammo while you suck isn’t a bad thing either. I shopped for some 6.5 CM ammo lately and wished I’d bought a .308.


    2. Shawn says:

      there are better rounds, but the 308 has some other things going for it for beginners. How it behaves and what it can do is so well understood and proven that it is a pleasure to shoot at long ranges. Its cheaper and easier to find and there is an endless amount and variety of match loads for it.


      1. John M. says:

        Yep. It’s a good general-purpose round. It’s rarely the best for the purpose, but it will do almost anything from home defense to varmints to sheep to grizzlies to long range gongs.


      2. Rocketguy says:

        Oh, I didn’t intend to knock the 308. Love it, plan to use it until I keel over. “Better” is a highly subjective term and I’m not one to play that game…especially when I have 308 brass and balls stacked up. I’m preparing to dip my toe into the long range games with one next year.


        1. Shawn says:

          I knew you weren’t trashing it


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