I’ve long been fascinated by this custom Smith & Wesson Model 745 rebuilt by Otto Matyska (OttoComp.) You’ll note the “710” designation added to the slide, so one presumes it was also converted to 10mm Norma.

One can only imagine the number of hours put into the welding, reshaping, and checkering. Matyska says that he built four. This one was reportedly built for Paul Nowak of Winchester Ammunition, a huge fan of the 10mm cartridge and bowling pin shooting.

Whoever bought this pistol absolutely stole it. The price the shop listed couldn’t possibly cover the bench time required to duplicate it.

You can read more about Matyska in the Sept./Oct. 1991 issue of Front Sight magazine. (Page 28)

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  1. Shawn says:

    thats pretty cool, even if it is a smiff


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