Shawn will probably disown me for this one, but who knew that Colt would discontinue the XS-series so quickly?

The short-lived XS series was the product of the brief partnership of Colt with C-More, operating as Colt Competition. The XS was supposed to be Colt’s answer to Kimber and the Springfield Loaded-series. The XS series’ original rear sight, thumb safety, and grip safety were all patented designs from C-More’s Ira Kay. When their partnership broke up, Kay took all of his designs with him. This led to Colt’s XSE series, which reverted to the parts Colt previously used on their Enhanced series. Of the Kay’s designs, only the grip safety lives on. It is now offered by Caspian and was once standard on the SIG-Sauer 1911 models. Personally, I hate the design, as its “dragon’s tooth” digs uncomfortably into the palm of my hand during recoil.

Dovetail front sight

Tactical gunsight

Ambidextrous thumb safety

Posi-action beavertail grip safety

Posi-action beavertail grip safety

An Unmolested Colt XS Commander

So what did I do? First, the factory’s sharp edges had to go. I love doing carry bevels, and as usual, I rounded over the bottom rear of frame. I replaced the factory polymer mainspring with an Ed Brown MSH, checkered 30 LPI. I fit a Wilson Combat #298 beavertail grip safety to replace the despised Colt Competition part. I swapped out the Colt Competition rear sight with a Heinie SlantPro rear sight. (The latter is something of a rarity in itself as Heinie quit supporting the Colt Competition sight cut after the XS-series was dropped.) I added a set of Ahrends full-checkered Kingwood stocks. The factory long trigger was replaced with a Videcki short aluminum trigger. Not visible is the EGW oversized firing pin stop, which replaced the loosey goosey factory FPS. I also cleaned up the factory’s half-hearted attempt to bevel the magwell. Alas, I never got around to checkering the front-strap of the frame 30 LPI to match the mainspring housing.

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  1. Shawn says:

    they should never have stopped making the XSE guns


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