After yesterday’s post on the Hydra-Shok, Shawn asked if I had any information on the PMC Starfire. As a matter of fact I do.

Tom Burczynski started working on the Starfire around the same time as the Hydra-Shok, but the commercial development of the latter took priority. Burczynski filed his patent application back in May 1978, but it wasn’t approved until November 1985 as US Patent #4,550,662.

According to Burczynski, he offered the Starfire to Federal Cartridge back when they showed interest in the Hydra-Shok. Federal’s decision to go with the latter was driven by the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s interest in the Hydra-Shok. Winchester already had its Silvertip, and Remington was perceived to be unfriendly to outside inventors in those days. Burczynski tried to reach out to CCI/Speer, but couldn’t make contact with anyone official. This left the choice between Hornady and PMC to be decided on a coin-toss. The South Korean-owned PMC had just opened its US manufacturing facility in Nevada – Eldorado Cartridge Corporation. After lengthy negotiations, PMC commercially introduced the Starfire in late 1991.

1992 Ad

Unfortunately, the assets of Eldorado Cartridge Company were liquidated in 2006. This left the Starfire off the market for several years. PMC reintroduced the product in 2017, but it is currently only available in 9x19mm.


  1. Shawn says:

    since you bought it up. I’d like to see some stuff on the original winchester silvertip


  2. John M. says:

    2.5x caliber? They can’t be serious with that. From 9 mm out to 22.5 mm? .35 caliber to .875? Come on.


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