You can’t seem to swing a dead cat these days without hitting another scalloped projectile design claimed to promote increased temporary cavitation and tissue disruption.

In rifles, the initial blame might be placed upon CETME engineer Gunther Voss who designed the asymmetric löffelspitz (spoon-point) bullet for use with the 4.6x36mm CETME/HK assault rifle cartridge starting in the mid-1960s.

Voss would later play with multiple asymmetric cuts. I believe these were used with CETME’s mid-1970s attempts to make a micro-caliber PDW.

In handguns, everything points to the late Charles Kelsey of Devel fame. In the early 1990s, he started Leved Cartridge Ltd. to sell his Devel “radially dynamic” projectile.

The following is an archived link to “The Gun Zone” with Tom Burczynski’s memories of Kelsey and the Devel bullet.

PolyCase Ammunition/Quantum Ammunnition, LLC “ARX Inceptor”

While the initial patents for the ARX Inceptor were filed in Spain in 2013, Paul Lemke, Juan Carlos Marin, and Steven Eric Johnson did not file their first US patent until 2014.

Lehigh Defense, LLC

David B. Fricke is responsible for the initial design filed 2014.

Black Hills Ammunition’s Jeff Hoffman also lent a hand to Fricke on what is now known as the “Honey Badger.”

Fricke and Andrew Lorenzo are credited with the armor piercing variant.

Fricke followed up with a “Honey Badger” design variant safe for tubular magazines.

G9 Defense “External Hollowpoint”

Joshua Mahnke is the founder of G9 Defense, and the sole designer of the following patents.



  1. BAP45 says:

    So….. do they actually work? They sure look interesting enough.


  2. It's just Boris says:

    Thanks for this!

    And to echo BAP45’s question … I like the idea of these, the Lehigh Defense rounds I’ve function-tested seem to feed well, and I live in bear country so a round that can both penetrate well and cause a decent wound cavity is an attractive proposition. But … Do they really work?


    1. John M. says:

      I’ve certainly never seen evidence that they work. Hollow points, on the other hand, have a 40+ year track record in self-defense and police shootings. They work, no question, and the newer ones are really good.

      Perhaps there really is a magic bullet and perhaps the screwdriver bits are it. But I’d like to see some real-world performance first.


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