After yesterday’s post of the 1986 Second Chance Combat Shoot, I stumbled across raw footage taken at the 1982 event. The cameraman who posted the video thought it was maybe 1984 or 1985, but you can occasionally make out the ’82 date on the shooters’ badges. Careful watchers will notice John Nowlin Jr., gunwriter/instructor Jim Higginbotham, and gunsmiths Jeff Wassom, Jerry Moran, Denny Reichard, J. Michael Plaxco, and Bill Wilson. If you last long enough, you can even catch a pre-legend Jerry Miculek, along with his brother Donnie (Bayou Bullets). While Jerry had set a single-run record the year before, he is clearly struggling here.

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  1. John M. says:

    That was fun to watch (well, skim), thanks, Daniel.

    Was this the one Henry Bowman was at? (That’s a joke.)

    I had a few observations as a non-competitor:
    1. Normally when I watch pistol competition videos, I think something between, “That was really good shooting” to “I don’t know if there’s enough practice ammo on planet earth to make me that good.” Not those guys. Probably only 1 in 8 did what I thought was really good shooting.
    2. This is the first time I have ever watched Jerry Miculek shoot and thought, “I could shoot better than that.”
    3. Form was awful, as a rule. Lackadaisical stances, weird grips, recoil sending muzzles skyward, etc.
    4. Reloads (mostly) ranged from narcotic to spastic.
    5. Lots of 1911 stoppages, and really weird immediate action responses.
    6. I was surprised that the isosceles stance was as popular as it was. I didn’t realize it was much of a thing back then.

    Anyway, I don’t mean to talk smack about that crew. I know they were out there making mistakes that I’m now benefiting from, I was just surprised. Maybe the distances were longer than they looked on the video? Bowling pin shooting looks like a lot of fun.


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