Did that go how you thought it would

Wanting to celebrate the new year with a fresh start, the FBI decided to tweet out a call for recruits. They tweeted, “In 2022, add “protecting the nation” to your resume. See what exciting careers the #FBI has to offer and apply today at http://fbijobs.gov.”…

…users were quick to give their honest review of the agency.

“Add “entrapping right-wingers” to your resume and join the FBI. You’ll get to wear matching outfits, coordinate fake insurrections, and set up phony kidnapping plots with meth addicts.”

One user mocked the FBI, writing, “Any luck finding out who organized and funded street riots in every major American city last year or are you still “protecting the nation” from some shirtless lunatic wearing horns taking selfies in the Capitol?”

”Your first three classes” Plot to kidnap a governor, lie to obtain FISA warrants, spy on the president…”

“Do you have to know how to lose evidence or do you provide training?”

“Learn how to investigate garage pull ropes 101.”

“Yes, come learn how to lose and misplace evidence to help crooked democrats.”

“What week in training does the plan and execute false flags class begin? “

“I’m going to join just to find the evidence you’re hiding.”

“Protecting the nation”? You mean “protecting school boards from loud voices” and “cosplaying what you think it means to be right-wing.” No thanks”

“I find spying on PTA parents kind of boring, so I think I’ll pass.”

“How many grannies are you going to entrap this year?”

“Do you have to be a Democrat to apply? Asking for a friend.”

“Catch the “pipe bomber” yet??”

“Will I get to try and kidnap any governors?”

“Hmm…where do we insert Ray Epps this time?”


  1. Tom Stone says:

    We had to destroy our freedoms in order to save them!


  2. John M. says:

    The ATF posts a Waco commemoration on its Twitter feed every year and the responses are absolutely lit. No pun or disrespect intended toward the victims of the various jack-booted thugs. Some still remember the victims.


    1. Shawn says:

      feds are revolting to me


  3. Wild, wild west says:

    The last pic kinda reminds me of Russel Crowe’s garage from “A Beautiful Mind”


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