My friend and SOG vet, Ken Bird, told me a great story last night about taking apart the claymore mine and using it to kill rats.

I was bored one day and took a claymore apart and counted the steel balls in bedded in plastic. I cannot remember exact count something close to 900 or so

.I used several balls to shoot rats in my bunker (Hill 950 AKA Hickory relay site). I discovered the diameter of the ball would fit snuggly in a 5.56 cartridge. After I took the round out and pored out most of the powder out and firing it was as loud as a pellet gun taped a flashlight to my CAR 15 and lay out a opened can of C ration cheese turn off light and wait for the can to move turn on my light and fire. I must have killed 20 in 5 days. BRU were happy.

..after firing you needed a cleaning rod to knock out the spent brass. Mot enough power to eject.

definitely put a hole in him. I shot a c ration case to check it out went pretty far into the case. Surprised me I did not want to see with more powder needed less noise. Anyway helped pass time listening to radios all day and night.

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