Why Colt never introduced the M1971/SSP design will forever remain a mystery. They could have been ahead of the curve on the Wondernine craze, and they even had a .38 Super and a .45 ACP variant. I can’t help but think that if the Colt SSP and the S&W M59 had been competing head to head for agency contracts and commercial sales, it would have forced both companies to debug their designs ahead of the XM9 trials.

Here is a copy of the M1971 factory brochure, including information on the Salvo Squeeze Bore (SSB) variant. Also note that the .45 variant only held 9 rounds.


Of course, I have to link all of the patents.


And here are some additional pictures:



Has anyone assembled a list of known Colt M1971 and SSP serial numbers by caliber? After reading a recent article that questioned their existence, I realized that I’ve seen evidence of at least four different .45 Auto-chambered SSP and one .45 M1971 based upon their markings and serial numbers. RIAC has cataloged at least three of these .45 SSP, along with the .45 M1971 prototype. Known .45 serial numbers include X21369, GX9730, GX9741, GX9758, and GX9778.

The real moon rock would be the .38 Super variant mentioned in an early brochure. Alas, I suspect that was featured more as a potential offering.

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  1. Shawn says:

    I dont believe a physical example of the 38 super one even exists. or if so there is maybe 2


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