1. John M. says:

    1. Steal Pelosi’s podium.
    2. ?
    3. Enthrone Trump on the Eternal Golden Haired Throne.

    I have almost worn out my eye-roll muscles from hearing that thing called an insurrection. Like, seriously, what was the plan for going from the part where they take over the Capitol to the part where they exercise actual power over the most militarily powerful country on earth? What a joke.


  2. T says:

    Those clowns Dissed Pelosi and that is a capital offense.

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    1. Jamarius says:

      Took them about two days to find someone who put their foot on the shabbos goy pelosi’s desk yet ten years to find usama bin laden… weird.


      1. John M. says:

        In fairness to Bin Laden, he didn’t have pictures taken of him texting selfies from his cell phone while he had his feet on the desk. The crack insurrectionist team made themselves so easy to catch even the FBI could figure it out.

        Plus all the wannabe Stasi informants nationwide who started informing on their family and erstwhile friends as soon as the feds started posting pictures. Bin Laden’s family wouldn’t turn him in for millions of dollars in reward, and these jokers dimed out their family members for spite.

        None of this crew was going to challenge Bin Laden’s hide & seek record.


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