The following is an early 1990s interview with Chip McCormick (Shooting Star Magazines and CMC) by Johnny Rowland. It is basically an ad for the CMC EDM hammer and sear, but there are a couple of interesting bits.

At one point, you can see a prototype for what became the Mitchell Alpha, designed by Jim Boland. It looks like McCormick was Boland’s original customer, intending it to be the successor to the Strayer-Voight (STI/SV Infinity) modular frame briefly marketed under the CMC brand. It would explain why the skirted 10rd single-stack magazines in Boland’s patent look so much like the 10rd mags marketed by CMC.

We also meet David Locke, CMC’s product engineer. Ever wonder why one of the CMC hammers was named the Locke? Well, now you know.

1987 Shooting Star Ad
1990 CMC Ad

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