Since I showed a Jim Clark “Grand Master” yesterday, I thought that I’d show the evolution of Ron Power’s PPC revolvers … pre- and post- Grand Master.

The blued revolver is a typical 1970s-era PPC conversion in .38 Special. It wears a plain Bo-Mar rib.

The stainless revolver is a late-1980s (or later) “Grand Master Universal” conversion in .44 Magnum. An updated version of the “Grand Master Deluxe,” the Universal was meant for suitability for Action Shooting, PPC, and hunting. The muzzle brake on the Universal could be screwed off and replaced by a plain muzzle cap if circumstances (e.g.: competition rules) required it. The revolver is equipped with a Wichita rib with Power’s four-position, dial-selectable rear sight.

1981 Ad

Speaking of the “Grand Master Deluxe,” the following is an early example. Note the detents at both the ejector rod and yoke, a la the classic S&W Triple Lock.

I don’t have a date for the following “Grand Master Action,” but I’d place it as early 1990s at the earliest. Unlike the Universal, it is a dedicated Bianchi Cup build. The Wichita sight rib has been dispensed with entirely, replaced by a dedicated optic mount and finger stops for the favored Bianchi Cup barricade hold.

As a bonus, here is Clint Smith talking about the final Grand Master Deluxe built by Ron Power.

For folks who want to read more about Clint’s Power Custom Grand Master Deluxe revolver, check out Clint’s column in the July/August 2011 issue of American Handgunner. Ron Power has been covered in American Handgunner several times before.

Here are links to the issues that can be downloaded for free via their website archives. (AH posts all of their back issues online for free download after 30 years.)

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