Today, we are back to custom revolvers. Besides the “Executive” J-Frame conversion, Weigand also offered the “Interchange-L” interchangeable barrel conversion for Smith & Wesson l-frame revolvers.

Weigand machined the shroud from a 6063 T-6 Aluminum extrusion. The barrels were turned from a Jarvis Stainless Steel match grade barrel blank, and the barrel nuts were also stainless steel. The front sight was of the S&W factory interchangeable pattern, first used on the Model 29 DX and 629 DX. All of the barrel/shroud combinations used a full-length ejector rod. Front lockup was achieved by a ball-detent installation in the yoke.

Available barrel lengths and weights were:

Individual barrel length kits ran $139 apiece, with the initial frame machining and ball-detent installation running $50. Weigand would waive the machining costs if you ordered two or more barrels at one time. After the initial machine work was performed, swapping different length barrel kits could be done at home, requiring only the supplied spanner and a feeler gauge. Supposedly, the factory barrel could also still be reinstalled in the future.

Other gunsmiths had previously offered similar conversions, fitting Dan Wesson shrouds and barrels to S&W frames. During the late 1980s, Lou Ciamillo of Maryland Gun Works (MGW) had briefly offered a system in which the shrouds looked like standard underlugged L- or N-Frame barrels in profile. Sadly, Weigand’s early-2000s conversion was just as short-lived.

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