In 1981, Ross Seyfried was the last man to win the IPSC World Shoot using a non-compensated pistol in open competition. While that feat was accomplished with a Pachmayr Combat Special built on a full-sized Colt Government Model, Seyfried cut his teeth in IPSC shooting with today’s featured pistol. This is the pistol he used to win the 1978 US IPSC Nationals.

The Swenson-tuned Colt Combat Commander was originally commissioned by R. J. “Dick” Martell. Seyfried bought the pistol from Martell in 1977, as it was “too pretty to pass up.” In 1978, he returned the pistol to Swenson for a tune-up that included trigger work, a new Micro barrel bushing and the installation of a Smith & Wesson adjustable rear sight.

Seyfried shot his first IPSC match with the pistol, placing third, and was then reportedly unbeatable for the next fourteen months. At that point, he retired the Swenson from competition in favor of his new Pachmayr Combat Special.

As you can see, the pistol was worn the slap out. It is cracked on both sides of the dust cover, “repaired” by drill checking. Given the amount of rust, it looks like it was stored haphazardly prior to its consignment sale in 2002.


  1. H says:

    Do want. Cracks and all.


  2. BAP45 says:

    Geeze. How many rounds through that thing do you think it has? Hard to picture a slide cracking from use that isn’t decades old


    1. D.E. Watters says:

      There is an old story in which Seyfried was complaining at a match about the grip safety chewing up the web of his hand. A passer-by commented “Just shoot some more, and it will toughen up.” Seyfried replied something to the effect of “I’ve shot over 50,000 rounds this year. How much longer is it going to take?” Note that his replacement Pachmayr Combat Special came equipped with a beavertail.


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