For MIM Monday, we have a few concept guns built by the late Terry Tussey for Kimber. These were ideas for what became the Ultra RCP II. As you can see, they used very little of Tussey’s ideas.

First up is a five-shot subcompact with a bonus chopped-down .22 LR conversion kit. Note the shortened grip safety, probably a bobbed Para-Ordnance P10 or the aftermarket S&A. The extra short mainspring housing is likely the same origin. It also has an STI spur hammer, a Wilson Combat tactical thumb safety, and a finger groove welded to the front strap.

Next is a six-shot compact with a gutter sight cut with a fiber optic front. Note that Tussey swaged forward the front of the triggerguard. It has a bobbed Colt-style spur hammer, a cropped standard Kimber grip safety, and shares the extra short mainspring housing of the previous pistol.

The final conversion is the mildest of the bunch, maintaining the standard OACP-length magazine and most of the factory OEM parts. Like the previous pistol, it has a gutter style rear sight, but with an XS Express Big Dot front sight buried up front. It wears Ahrends Grips half-checkered stocks.

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