This 80 series Colt in 45 ACP was bought and built in 1991 by Rich Stoddard (lead gunsmith at Colt Custom shop for over 30 years) as his personal gun.

This pistol was purchased from his estate after he died in 2018. The gun was originally built in 1991 and featured hand checkering, Barsto NM barrel, Ed Brown hammer and thumb safety, lowered and flared port, S&A grip safety, reliability tune, deluxe trigger job, and hand filed magwell opening. One of the best gunsmith in the country made it for himself to carry. That pretty much says everything.

When I bought her, she had a pedestrian parkerized finish, so to honor the man, I sent it to Florida for full hard chrome and then wrapped it in Buckeye Burl grips by @seans_ugly_grips_ to warm the starkness of chrome…and look at her now. Stoddard entered the military out of high school and quickly found himself in Southeast Asia. After his service to our country he successfully graduated from the Colorado School of Trades. After which, he worked at Colt from 1974-2012 as a master gunsmith.

He was responsible for making special order guns, primarily the O frame 1911’s. He also built many prototypes and show guns. He was fortunate to learn a great deal from the “old school” gunsmiths, many of which had worked at Colt in the 50’s and 60s.


  1. Tom Stone says:

    1911’s like this are why I buy lottery tickets.


    1. Shawn says:

      same here man


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