Today we are going to look at a 1911 that belongs to a friend of mine. Made in 1993 this is the Combat Elite with the adjustable sights. He had bought this gun from a fellow around 1999 if my memory serves and carried it as his EDC until fairly recently.

His ’93 Combat Elite with my 2014 Combat Elite at bottom. Colt does not make either of these in either styles anymore sad to say.

Above is one of the Elite’s contemporaries from the same year. Above is my Combat Target and below the Combat Elite, both from 1993ish. The Combat Target is very much like the Elite but with a Gold Cup trigger and a parkerized matte finish.

How does the old Elite shoot?

I shot these groups from 20 yards off bags with a few loads.

5 rounds of Winchester 230 ball, I have no explanation for the perfect X shot
10 rounds of handloads put together by my friend Brady, A very hot load that I will not share since it was intended for long slide 1911s
Federal HSTs
My own 185 grain match handloads
Speer 230 grain ball ….

Last I took some of Brady’s handloads and shot the gun from 40 yards off hand and almost shit myself in surprise.

My 40 yards off hand group in the body. Glad to see after a warm up, the arthritis in my shoulder and hand hasn’t degraded my handgun skills yet. Brady has always been an excellent handloader. Which you would expect from a Bench Rest competitive shooter.

The old Combat Elites are great guns. Even in their off the shelf form. You can see Greg’s Combat Elite has been tinkered with a bit. First from the original owner who added the beveled well and the excellent grips that have a perfect palm swell, then by Greg who added the slide stop and ambi safeties since he is a disgusting left handed freak.

The vintage Combat Elites came in an earlier model with fixed, gov model combat sights that a lot of people prefer. The sights on this model are great for target shooting but are lacking for most other things by today’s standards. They are sharp they aren’t all that durable, the front sight is staked on instead of dovetailed etc. Obviously this is is minor stuff but it can give problems if you aren’t careful. All the same reasons I rarely carry the Combat Target. Great, accurate guns. If you see one used at a good price I highly recommend getting one.


  1. Matthew Whitticar says:

    I fell in love with the 2 tone look when I first saw one in T2.

    A buddy of mine had Wiley Clapp done similarly with a hard chrome frame and a DLC slide. It is damn sexy.


    1. Shawn says:

      nice. id like to see that one


  2. LSWCHP says:

    That’s a well used gun!


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