Colt 1911 in .45 ACP by industry legend Frank Glenn out of Phoenix Arizona. Frank, who will likely retire soon, will leave behind a storied career building serious guns for serious shooters. He has built custom guns for some of the top shooters in the world —guys like Brian Enos, Bill Wilson, Rob Leatham, Mike Plaxco, and Mike Dalton. I asked a well known pistolsmith in the industry last year who was on his top 5 list of the best mechanics making guns today. He said Glenn, Huenning, Cameron, and Marvel. I said Bob Marvel? He said no Al Marvel dumb ass. It took me about a little over 12 months, but I found this Frank Glenn gun on the World Wide Web (fuck you that’s what I call it) and I wasted no time bringing it into the fold. It has one of the slickest slide to frame fits that I have ever felt and the Kart match grade barrel feels like god fit it to the gun. Like I said, serious guns for serious shooters.


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