The boys are back discussing some of the most controversial movies ever made. This week was one Shawn reviewed a while back, called Thriller: A Cruel Picture, otherwise known as They Call Her One Eye.

A straight up revenge story, it starts out with a young girl being attacked by a local pervert. Because of this, her parents kill themselves and she becomes mute. As she grows up, she gets her confidence back and heads out on the town, only to be drugged and enslaved by a pimp.

She becomes a sex slave and, after scratching a customer’s face, has her eye cut out with a scalpel. She then starts planning her revenge on all the men that have basically raped her, and the guy that put her in there in the first place.

It’s fun for all the family! Thriller A Cruel Picture is a hard movie to watch, but it’s also about a strong female character, but done correctly and not in the way Hollywood portrays them today. The main character goes through actual real oppression and has many real obstacles to overcome.

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