After months of development and a research cost of $16,500, Remington announced a new small bore bolt action rifle. It was advertised as a moderately priced alternative to the Model 37 rifle. This was the model 513 T Matchmaster target rifle, one of the 500 series family of rifles. It was ready for delivery in May 1940 for the price of $29.99. Originally it was referred to as the Model 513TR rifle.

The rifle features a heavy straight no taper 26 3/4 inch semi floating target barrel. a full target style pistol grip, walnut stock with target beaver tail forend, an adjustable front sling swivel, Redfield globe front sight with 7 interchangeable discs, a new Redfield No. 75 micrometer rear sight, adjustable trigger stop, short firing pin travel, and a 6 round magazine that was detachable.

Remington offered the rifle without sights for 5 bucks less and two sporter versions.

Factory documents indicate that accuracy of an out of the box Model 513T was 1 inch and 3/4 at 100 yards. Impressive for a moderately priced target rifle from the 1940s. I can say from first had experience that it is not capable of that accuracy in its standard factory off the shelf condition. Not with modern match Rimfire ammo anyway.

Remington Historian, H.J Swinney recalled seeing a number of 513Ts chambered for the experimental .267 rimfire cartridge. Remington never offered them for sale to the public and no surviving example is known to exist.

During the war the US Gov purchased 59,964 model 513Ts for marksmanship training and another 1,300 during the Korean war.

Following WW2 Remington resumed production of the Model 513TR in early 1945, and the model 513SP the next year. Remington last offered the 513TR and TX target rifles in 1968. In total Remington produced the rifle for a 29 year period from 1939 to 1968.


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  1. COtt says:

    Wow, what crazy timing. I just got one of these from a friend that asked me to help sell his brothers guns. This was one of the three that I picked out for myself. And I love it. Spent last week blasting gophers and boy of boy, is that rifle amazing. Probably one of my favorite 22s now. Mine is missing the screw in peep sight, but that didn’t stop it from laser accurate. Nice article Sean!


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