Some old ads from where we were younger and freer for some of the awesome toy guns.  I have no idea how many plastic green toy M16A1s and plastic cap grenades  I went through as a kid.  Then I moved on to pellet and BB guns.  My first real gun was a WW1 1911 Colt at age 9. But obviously the toys got more time on the range killing commies for Ronald Regan in the early to mid 1980s.

I always asked for the toy guns that looked the most real.  I had a full auto Uzi water gun that would pass as real today. I also had a cap gun MP5SD and a very realistic AK47, the type with the gear in the trigger that made a some what shooting sound and many of the real wood and metal  bolt action “springfield ” 1903 and M14 toys. I even had a few of the cast iron dummy grenades to play with.  I was the best armed kid in the hollow for sure.


I always liked the one above because it kinda looked like the laser rifles used by the  GI Joe’s in the cartoon and comic books.


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