Here we are again. 21 years now. Thousands dead on that day, then more from the after affects from the toxins released, suicides that followed and God knows what else. Then of course the 20 year splurge in warmongering that followed. Which of course was the real reason for 9/11 happening. Is there really anyone reading this who still thinks it was just an attack by terrorists and nothing else? That the US , Saudis Arabia and last but not least, our greatest ally, Israel, didn’t have a hand in it some how? Come on? Tell me the truth. Are you still such a smooth brain that you believe the narrative? Still Trusting The Science and accepting what our betters tell you about that day?

Everything is a psyop and the terrorist did win. It’s just the real terrorist masterminds weren’t who they said they are. We have lost almost everything since then. Every freedom they claimed we’d lose, the US gov has taken. Like always, they told us exactly what they were going to do. The most blatant proof that they got everything they wanted is the fact they stop pretending to care about Afghanistan and Iraq, the “terrorists” responsible for 9-11. They’ve moved on to their new favorite money laundering scheme, Ukraine.

Don’t worry though, the grift goes on and on. It’s not just Ukraine. The “charities” and non profits and security experts from the GWOT are endless. Never Forgetting is big business for a lot of people. Ever wonder how much it costs Tunnels to Towers for all those minute long TV spots on Fox News? I wonder how many handicapped ramps or wheel chairs for vets you could buy for the cost of that airtime? I could look it up but why bother.. A man can only handle so much Black Pilling.

So today marks a sad day. For all those people killed. And for all of those still alive who now live in Hell World.


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