Some of you may recall a few years ago I talked about the AMT Hardballer my friend Brady gave me. I talked a bit about it at the time on the old site but didn’t do much long range shooting with it. Yesterday I took advantage of a cool day to play around with it some more and try out Brady’s handloads he’d developed for it years ago.

Using Brady’s handloads off a bag at 20 yards. Not bad! The flyer was might fault completely. The AMT’s trigger is a long way from being light.

The Hard Baller did not like Speer 230 ball at all. Even from the bench and bag at 20 yards didn’t help.

The bottom target was two strings fired from bags and bench at 50 yards. The head and the body.

The groups were with Brady’s hand loads. I’m starting to realize I need to really tweak a load for this gun using modern powders and bullets and may try to deer hunt with it.

Below is the 100 yards target. Carefully shot from bags with Brady’s loads.

I could live with that group for deer hunting under 100 yards.

Some of Brady’s load data. I make no claims about the safety or take responsibility if you try these loads in your gun. I show only for those curious.



  1. James says:

    Deer hunting with said gun,will be interested to hear results of said hunt and as not shooting off bags(or do you set up a blind with them?)how far with just a two handed grip would you be comfortable hunting range wise?


    1. Shawn says:

      I’d take a 100 yard shot if it was a clear shot


  2. LSWCHP says:

    That’s a good group at 100 yards.

    I strongly believe in long range handgun shooting. If you can shoot well with a pistol at 100 yards, it will stand you in good stead when you have a fight at 25. I believe the young hero who recently killed a wannabe mall shooter engaged him at around 40 yards.


    1. Shawn says:

      I always did practice for a 100 yard shot but only started posting results here at your request

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