A few months ago I got some factory Winchester .218 Bee ammo for my Martini. Now, I have had this stuff before and it’s always shit ammo. I had no intention of using it for anything other than to plink at rocks or take pot shots at chipmunks and use it up because I wanted it only for the brass.

It uses a pretty crummy 46 grain bullet and in all my years of past experience using the stuff, it sucks.

Yesterday I got the gun out and went down to my 100 yard range to shoot it up and show you all how awful the factory ammo is. Imagine my shock when I fired 2 rounds that nearly touched, adjusted the scope a bit to center my group and had another two rounds nearly touching. I use a 52 grain Berger usually so I had to adjust the POI.

Well, that changed things. I fired another shot at a soda bottle lid from a coke bottle and nailed it. So much for wasting that ammo plinking just to produce brass. I have no idea how Winchester turned out such a good box of ammo for a round they could not give less of a shit about. I think they might make a small run of 5 boxes of it a year. If you look, you will see ammo dealers sell it for about 90 bucks a box. That’s how small the yearly run is. Big ammo companies usually don’t put their best effort into the ammo they make for old unpopular “obsolete chamberings. Maybe some one at the Winchester factor got laid the night before. Who knows?



  1. Wild, wild west says:

    I’m drooling here, Boss.

    I don’t know which is worse. You repeatedly putting up pics of THAT rifle and your Model 31’s, or the ones of Karl’s very nice pistols.

    Before he retired, I helped my boss get his old 219 Zipper also built on a Cadet Martini back up and runnin’. That was a lot of fun.


    1. Shawn says:

      I always wanted a 219 donaldson wasp


  2. LSWCHP says:

    I sure do like the look of that rifle. Back in the day I had a Martini with a heavy match barrel chambered in .225 Winchester, and it was the most accurate rifle I ever owned.


    1. Wild, wild west says:

      I’m pretty sure either the Donaldson Wasp or the 225 would have been better choices than the Zipper but that’s what the boss had. Got lucky, though, because Winchester had just done a run of Zipper cases, so no case forming was required.


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