Had a pretty good weekend hunt. The wind blew nonstop so that made things difficult.

I was leaning against a huge oak tree and kept hearing one cutting a nut but couldn’t exactly locate it. Then, the wind stopped and I found him in the tree right in front of me. The Hickory you will see at the end of the muzzle below.

The next one I had to walk to the very top of the mountain to get. I took the shot from a distance I did not expect to kill it from. Light was running out fast and I couldn’t get closer thanks to dry leaves. I was using #5 shot int he 16 gauge and the slightly bigger shot saved my bacon. After the 40 plus yard shot, 45 seconds passed then the squirrel fell out of the tree.

A very odd gray patch on her back. That made 23 for the years.

To save time I have started carrying ziplock bags in my pockets and just skinning and cleaning them on the spot.


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