This is a weighted Colt commander by Jim “Mac” McDonnell out of Seal Beach CA. Mac built compensated match guns out of his garage for IPSC shooters, the most famous of which was Southwest Pistol League champion Jim Zubiena. JZ was a cult hero to IPSC shooters when he was featured as a hitman in an iconic Miami Vice scene, where he executes a man in 1/1000 second with a quick draw from the surrender position. Google it, it’s pretty dope. Swipe left to see Zubiena competing in his “Macs 45 Shop” t shirt. This 80s pin gun isn’t as refined as a Hoag or Nastoff, but it’s old school cool to me. It’s all there —two tone blue over hard chrome, weighted grip plates, Bomar sight, Barsto barrel, checkering fore and aft, and soaked in soul. I bought this at auction and can’t help but wonder if Zubiena competed with it.


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