Above is a picture of a very old box or Remington factory match ammo meant to used in the Palma matches. At the time the match was shot using the .30.06 round. Today the .308 Winchester is used with ammo firing the 155 grain palma bullet shot from 300 to 1,000 yards with iron sights, or the 556MM using 80 gr bullets.

The 80 gr bullet from a 556 is a good combo for long range shooting. I never had very good results using the 155 Palma match bullets in a 308 myself. I prefer the 175 to 185 grain bullet in 308 for shooting to 1,000 yards.

Below is another couple of boxes of factory Remington match ammo, This made up for the Army marksmanship Unit for various competitions.


  1. Wild, wild west says:

    Neat stuff.

    Some of the kewl kids are shooting some variety of 90’s in their 223 Palma rifles, and quite effectively, too. Berger’s are popular.


    1. Shawn says:

      I dont believe the 90s can be driven fast enough in an AR15 to offer any real advantage over 80-85 grianers. But I am not up to date with newest reloading powders


      1. Wild, wild west says:

        I don’t know what powder he’s using, or how much, or in what brass, but a guy I know has done quite well at Perry/Atterbury/regional/state matches while using some kinda gain-twist 20″ service rifle barrel with Berger 90’s. And has been for a while. I can maybe find out the details if you’re interested.

        He used to use 90’s in a 6.5 straight twist barrel but reverted to 80 or thereabouts before giving the gain-twist barrels a try and likes them much better.

        Obviously, this is all in across-the-course shooting and he’s running the 90’s only at the 600-yard line. The gain twist barrels seem to work well with lighter bullets at the short lines, if his scores are any indication.


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