No, Scattered Shots has not been bought by Brownells. Not yet anyway, ( Call me Pete..)

Their new retro line of guns, parts and mags has been a big hit lately. The guns have honestly been a little hit or miss. I have heard has many people having issues as I have heard of people singing praises. I haven’t gotten my hands on on a Brownells A1 yet though ( call me Pete) so I can’t give you any opinion on those. I did get twenty five of the 20 round mags and a waffle mag a few months ago however.

I really like it

To cut to the chase on the waffle mag, I really like it. It’s really nice and about the only way to get one at a price that isn’t insane. I have used it a lot and it hasn’t let me down. I can recommend. And it looks cool in a SP-1.

The standard USGI 20 round mags.

I really like 20s. I have about as many Colt 20s as most people have regular 30s. The Brownells mags have worked well. It’s hard to find any decent quality 20 rounder that doesn’t. They do have one thing I am not crazy about.

All of the edges on the mags are as sharp enough to shave with. They wear pouches and the old cotton bandoleers at an alarming speed. Sure, few people will care. But it is what it is. None of the old 20s from the War are like this and neither are any of the Colt or other brand USGI 20s. It’s a little thing but often find the little things will tip you off to some of the big things.

One of the best things about the mags is the price. If you like 20 rounders now is the time to go crazy stocking up.

Unlike Howard, I have enough to fill up two BAR belts and a couple of the 7 pocket Vietnam era bandoleers. At least I have one thing going for me.

Because I am a weirdo, I keep all the loaded 20s in the bandoleers sealed up in the water proof surrender propaganda bags. If you haven’t seen these before, they are clear plastic with Vietnamese printed on them encouraging communists to “rally to the RVN government.” The idea was the GI or ARVN would carry his mags in the water proof protective bags, then when he needed to reload,m he would take the mag out, discard the bag on the ground. Then, when Anh was back in the area he would look down and see the bags on the ground and they would convince him to defect to the South VN side in the open arms program. Don’t roll your eyes. VC defectors did show up with these propaganda bags in their hands to get safe passage.

Those original bags can still be bought. Our pal Trey, who owns will sell you as many as you want. AS well as bandoleers, original ore cleaner and about anything else Vietnam related you want.

2 for 1 yankee dollar ! Original war dated! Never used! What else do you want?

NOT a Brownells retro rifle, The real thing

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