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Colt modular 1911 made by Mr. Paul Liebenberg. This engineering masterpiece was designed specifically for professional matches like Bianchi Cup and Steel Challenge. The modular design allowed competitors to shoot the same pistol in a number of different match formats. You could use the .45 ACP top end for bowling pin matches, the 38 super slide for IPSC matches, or the 9mm slide for Steel Challenge. You essentially have three guns in one. These guns were incredibly accurate, designed to shoot 2 inches at 50 yards. To support additional mass of the front barrel housing, the area of the recoil spring dust cover was strengthened by adding extra metal. The added weight to the front of the gun also helped dampen recoil and mitigate muzzle lift. Liebenberg noted that the weight of each modular pistol varied to suit the individual shooter. For instance, Mickey Fowler’s modular pistol was slightly lighter than Pauls, while the one he built for Jim Zubiennna was slightly heavier. The gun is designed ergonomically and weight wise for the individual. So while the modular system stayed constant, the individual guns were very different. So yea…custom AF.

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  1. LSWCHP says:

    My STI Targetmaster in 9mm isn’t quite that fancy, but if I’m not shaking like a leaf and blurry eyed and thick headed due to too much whiskey the night before (it happens occasionally) it’ll print my handholds into 2 inches at 50m, which always feels good.


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