In the vein of the stereotypical middle manager or SNCO; “to piggyback of what he said…”
With the other days repost on Forensics, sometimes even basic things are a give away. Ran across this guy out at the old quarry in the desert this past week. Looked like a 300 blackout or 7.62×39 at first glance but something seemed off about it.

Off enough that I stopped to pick it up off a ground littered with debris and other casings (this is a long time favorite spot). Now granted most the other casings were rusted steel case or at least very weathered so the bright brass did help it get noticed. But take a look at the head stamp if you haven’t already figured out what it is

8.6 Blackout.
A very new round and one that really only has one production rifle but you can get an upper for an AR in it without much hassle. Either way it is a very boutique and rare cartridge. So even if you follow all the tips in the previous post something like this can still narrow you down. Remember Beverly Hills Cop II and the .44 auto mag plot line?

From my uneducated butt I can already tell that whoever was here was an aficionado who has specialized gear and a lot of money (and who I likely just missed). Now imagine what people with resources could do. In places like the west coast were they now track ammunition (coming soon to a state near you) finding you wouldn’t take much time. And even in a normal state it wouldn’t be all that hard. So maybe don’t get super specific in you tool selection, or at the very least pick up after yourself.


  1. Rocketguy says:

    I lost a 50 Beowulf case last time I was at the range. Next visit, it was sitting in the clubhouse on a note with my name. Notorious, I guess.

    Whenever I find 38 Super, I add to a baggie in my range bag for that guy.


    1. BAP45 says:

      A good positive example, but a perfect one of having unique stuff.


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