You may or may not know this but I am a pretty big fan of Ted K. You may be surprised by that and you may wonder if I am out of my mind. How can this be?! If you only got your info about Kaczynski from TV or the news media, this is an understandable reaction. If you have read his writings you will be surprised by how you agree with every single word of it. Everything he wrote and warned about has come to pass. I strongly recommend you read it if you haven’t. You can debate the morality of his hobby, but I dare you to read his writings and tell me any of it is wrong.

Anyways. enough of that. I thought I’d share some photos of Ted’s small collection including his home made pistol above. He was a legit genius and I think there is nothing he couldn’t have made himself if he wanted to.,

Above are his Remington M700 in 30-06 and his .22 rifle used for hunting small game to eat.

El Jefe special pistol.

Of course you know what these are.

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