Folks may not recognize Tom Burczynski’s name, but they definitely know at least one or more of his commercial projectile designs: Hydra-Shok, Starfire, Quik-Shok, EFMJ/Guard Dog, and Golden Saber Black Belt.

His latest patented design (US11079207B1) is a plated hollowpoint. Now you might say that is no big deal as the Speer Gold Dot PHP has existed for years. However, Burczynski’s design is formed differently. Speer basically takes one of its plated Total Metal Jacketed (TMJ) projectiles and then punches the hollowpoint cavity. Burczynski starts with an unplated core shaped roughly like a hollow-base wadcutter. Then he swages the individual petals into the wadcutter’s skirt. The resulting form is then plated. Afterward, the plated wadcutter’s skirt is swaged into a more feed-friendly rounded ogive.

To date, the patent is unassigned. Burczynski most recently worked with SIG-Sauer Ammunition on a couple of rifle projectiles and their hybrid two-piece cartridge case for the .277 Fury (6.8x51mm).

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