For Missed Opportunity Monday, we have yet another abandoned Colt design: the .40 caliber Law Enforcement Pistol. It also served as the platform for their Smart Gun tech.

Here are some of the Smart Gun patents, which show bits of the pistol’s design as well. While the exterior profile looks a bit like the “All American 2000,” the rotating barrel and linear trigger have been dropped for more conventional alternatives.


  1. BAP45 says:

    Got to have a little chuckle at the revolver-esq grip profile


    1. ptmn says:

      I wonder if it performed like their All American 2000 pistol? A friend of mine bought the AA 2000 when it first came out. Accuracy wasn’t bad…but it wasn’t good. Somewhere in the middle. His only real gripe was the stoppages every 4 or 5 mags. I thought it was butt ugly and it didn’t fit well in my hands.


  2. John M. says:

    Oof. The “failed Colt handguns” Jeopardy category.


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