From Pistol_purview

Old school 70 series Colt by Bobby Cogan. This beautifully crooked 1911 cost me just about nothing, and I totally dig it. Welded and fit factory Colt barrel is snug AF, Swenson ambi safety, front and rear cocking serrations, checkered front strap, MSH, and rear of the slide, gross Millet rear site, 3 hole Greider trigger, magwell, and black chrome slide over brushed hard chrome by the plating master himself. The utilitarian pony now found cocobolo magwell cut grips by Craig Spegel, so in my mind, now it’s done. When a custom 1911 gets custom made (period correct) grips, it’s done….but never before.

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  1. Kodiak says:

    I think he posted this one before with different grips. Usually the front cocking serrations ruin turn me off, but this one really looks good.


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