From talks down with Bud Gibson

Courtesy of LTC Ed Wolcoff:
“When I carried the RPD. I also carried 500 rounds of ammo. 100 rounds were in a drum magazine attached to the weapon. 200 rounds were carried in two additional drums in purpose-built pouches on my belt- I retained the pouch straps to supplement the weight-bearing capability of the belt. I carried 200 more rounds in canteen pouches. The drums took up space on the LBE belt and could be noisy if care were not taken, but the drums kept rounds aligned on the RPD ammo belt; the canteen pouches took up less space on the LBE belt and were silent, but rounds would misalign and cause a stoppage. I carried the survival radio next to my ear so that my hands could be free for weapons use. I carried a claymore mine in a chest pouch. Quickly deployed from the prone position. Claymore was always dual primed (electric and non-electric) and had a shortened firing wire. After my first couple of missions, I abandoned the issue rucksack in favor of lighter gear-The harness consisted of nylon cloth with two straps to retain the bed roll, and top strapping (with Velcro as I recall) to attach the harness to the web gear suspenders.Both John and I adapted the harness with a claymore pouch. We were constantly working to improve/adapt our LBE. After I became “1-0′. I abandoned the harness for what we referred to as a butt or fanny pack-I needed more cargo carrying capacity. Butt pack:sleeping gear, booby traps/mines, sabotage materials,food,occasionally a mortar round. I carried a meat cleaver. Heavy enough to cut brush; flat blade useful in digging. The leggings were also useful in stopping leaches from entering through the boot tops. Although folks cite the Hanson Rig as a precursor to the Stabo, I never used the Stabo and kept the Hanson throughout my Recon career”

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