In these tough times when firearms availability and ammunition are scarce/expensive, you must start thinking about (Wants vs. Needs). Wants are something you don’t really need but would like to have. Needs are something you should have. This branches out into several areas. As we focus on personal defense/home protection, we must weigh these wants and needs as they relate to this lifestyle.

When looking at your needs, for right now, take an inventory of what you have. Does this inventory meet your most important needs? If it does, then you can wait for good deals to stock up. If it does not, you need to focus on the important things. Personal defense and family protection are your most important needs, focus on what you should have to be best prepared for a violent attack on your home or family. Buying a bunch of ammunition or gear that you want is probably not the answer in tough times.

When firearms and ammunition are very expensive, purchase only what you need to meet your protection needs. Spending your money on 1k rounds of any particular ammunition is probably not the best thing. Also, buying that firearm that has been jacked up in price is probably not the best idea.

Ask yourself, do I have the proper equipment to give me the advantage in a personal defense situation?
If you do not have a good weapon light on your handgun or rifle, this might be a purchase you should make, to give you an advantage. Maybe you don’t have a good red dot for your rifle. Look into purchasing the red dot instead of another firearm or bulk ammo. Maybe your carry holster needs to be upgraded, or you need support parts for a firearm. Maybe you only have training/bulk ammo and you need some Duty/Defensive HP ammo. Think wisely about what you need and not just what you want.

Once you are confident you have what you need to meet those basic protection needs and basic gear needs, then start thinking about what you want. Relatively inexpensive gear (i.e. light, parts, better sights, basic defensive rounds) and even a 400.00 dollar Aimpoint, are some of the best support items you can buy. By thinking about these things, you may find you are actually lacking in defensive essential gear. This will make a difference in your actual defense/home protection.


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