I look at a lot of news stories about people dying in strange ways for these posts. I have seen some pretty awful things. Out of all the things and events I’ve seen that’s killed people, this is not one I ever imagined seeing.

A man died with a ping pong ball in his bottom after being electrocuted while pleasuring himself.

Yes. you read it right.

The single 30-year-old from the Czech Republic, who lived at home with his parents, was found dead on the floor of his bedroom by firefighters, who were forced to kick his door down. Glad he at least left this world with his dignity still intact.

He was wearing a one-piece women’s swimsuit, and had ‘tightly’ wrapped his legs, trunk and neck in straps of plastic and fabric.

His concerned parents sought help after he failed to open his locked door, ‘despite them knocking for a long time’, doctors revealed in a report outlining the unusual circumstances of his death.

I bet his Father was proud of his boy.

Police found an electric massage device laying next to the unidentified man’s body, which was still connected to the mains.

Tests showed the one-handed device, which had signs of ‘wear’, had malfunctioned while plugged in. 

“Signs of wear”

Burns on the man’s skin, inches above his penis, corresponded with the outer shape of the massage device’s head. 

As such, his death was ruled to be down to ‘accidental electrocution to auto-erotic manipulation’. That old chestnut.

An autopsy, carried out 48 hours after his death, revealed a ‘strange foreign body’ in his intestine, too.

Publishing details about the man’s case in the journal Legal Medicine, doctors from University Hospital Hradec Králové in the north of the Czech Republic said: ‘It was a fancy condom in a plastic translucent box, onto which a label was fixed with the victim’s first name marked with a black inscription.’

It measured around 5.5cm.

Another object — around 9cm in length — was lodged in his rectum.

That, doctors said, was a ’round, plastic cylinder, onto which a ping-pong ball, fixed with a plastic wrap, was placed’.

Internal exams also revealed he had suffered internal organ congestion, swelling in the lungs and brain due to trapped fluid while blood was found trapped in the heart chambers. 

People most commonly shove objects into their rectum for sexual pleasure. 

This is partly to do with the number of nerves in the anus, making it highly sensitive it can also stimulate the prostate in men. 

For women, it can also indirectly stimulate parts of the vagina.

But the insertion of objects into a rectum, also known as anal play, carries a number of risks.

As well as getting stuck objects, they can also potentially trigger bleeding in the gut and perforate the bowel, which can be deadly.

Good safety tip.



  1. LSWCHP says:

    So, the moral of the story is to never use mains powered sex toys? Or don’t shove lots of bizarre things up your arse?

    Some thing, you’d think, just don’t need saying, but here we are.


  2. It's just Boris says:

    This is right, ah, up there with the magnetic butt plug MRI incident.


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