Even an old, welded up Swenson, is still a Swenson. This one a Rem Rand slide paired with a ’47 Commercial frame, likely built in the latter days of the 1960’s- early 70’s bears many of Armand’s touches, with some rather unique ones added as well.

Note the front sight, very unique, long slow ramp, I would assert that this had to be done as the gun likely came to him a failed Bullseye gun, with a long flat cut under the old sharkfin NM front sight. Interesting to note the 2 shear pins hidden in the sight, and the 2 hidden in the rear dovetail filler. The gun has been cracked and welded up at the dust cover junction, and likely ‘lived a life’ before getting to Swenson.

The Handmade and scrimshaw’d Guy Hogue grips in Westinghouse Micarta are right at home on this, as it rests against a Blue Suede GWM Davis holster.- Karl

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