Backpacking: Get wet

No, not like that you degenerates, foul weather. Now that you’ve finally left your house and are out backpacking, camping, hiking etc you will need to consider foul weather or rain gear. This would be part of the planning process to begin with,  as you’ll want it to balance with your area, situation and type ofContinue reading “Backpacking: Get wet”

New Friend

I was on the mountain today and ran across a new friend. Weird looking dog.

Tangle Gut

It doesn’t sound tasty from the name but it is. It’s that time of year again. In the spring tangle gut grows. There isn’t much of a window to find it though. It doesn’t last long. Maybe about 2 weeks. Pick out the weeds, sticks, dirt, whatever is there and rinse it in COLD water.Continue reading “Tangle Gut”