Browning Hi-Power Raceguns

Other than Dave Westerhout’s 1977 IPSC World Shoot win, the classic Browning Hi-Power hasn’t made much of a dent in the reign of the M1911 and CZ75-pattern pistols’ dominance of practical shooting competition. That said, this still hasn’t kept some gunsmiths and competitors from tilting at windmills. Today, we are going to show some classicContinue reading “Browning Hi-Power Raceguns”

Another Colt Prototype – A Pony Ready for the Glue Factory

Object Lesson for the Firearms Industry: If he didn’t start the company, don’t let your president think he can out-design the engineering staff. C. Edward Warner was Colt Industries Firearms Division’s president from August 1975 to June 1981. He had transferred over from his previous position as president of Colt Industries Elox Division, a manufacturerContinue reading “Another Colt Prototype – A Pony Ready for the Glue Factory”

Beretta 92X Performance Racegun

A commenter mentioned yesterday never having seen anyone running a Beretta 92 racegun. In 2019, Beretta tried to change that image by introducing the 92X Performance series. They also signed competition shooter J.J. Racaza to a six-year contract.